The Cheese PackagingRecycling Programme

The Cheese Packaging Recycling Programme

Cathedral City has launched Britain’s first cheese packaging recycling programme


A large proportion of flexible plastic cheese packaging currently ends up in landfills across the United Kingdom.

We are working with TerraCycle® to put an end to this enormous loss of resources.

Cathedral City is launching The Cheese Packaging Recycling Programme on behalf of all cheese producers. This allows you to recycle ANY flexible plastic cheese packaging from ANY brand or supermarket, not just Cathedral City. Not only are we helping the environment, but the waste we recycle will also help raise money for good causes.

How can you get involved?

Collect your empty flexible cheese packaging

See accepted waste here

Find a public drop-off location

Use the map below to find your nearest public drop-off location

Get recycling!

Your flexible cheese packaging will be recycled into new items such as picnic benches or gardening tools. Now it feels good!


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Cathedral City & TerraCycle® Partnership FAQs


What is TerraCycle®?

TerraCycle®is a recycling company, renowned for finding ways to recycle even the most difficult to recycle waste.

Why have Cathedral City partnered with TerraCycle®?

Cathedral City is committed to looking after the planet. Our sustainability campaign aims to minimise our impact on the environment whilst ensuring our products continue to taste consistently great. We’re committed to reducing the impact our packaging has on the environment and we want to make it easier for customers to recycle flexible plastic cheese packaging and nets. We’ve partnered with experts TerraCycle® to offer customers a simple and free recycling solution while our innovation team continues to work towards our ambition to develop packaging which
is 100% recyclable.

What is the Cheese Packaging Recycling Programme?

Cathedral City has partnered with TerraCycle®, a global recycling company that specialises in hard-to-recycle materials, to launch the first recycling solution in the UK for any brand of flexible plastic cheese packaging and nets. The free programme allows members of the public to also recycle the labels from Cathedral City Minis packs of 6 by dropping them off at a public drop-off location or signing up on the TerraCycle® website and setting up their own public drop-off location. Once signed up to the programme, members can download free shipping labels and send any flexible cheese packaging, nets and also labels from Cathedral City Mini packs of 6 to TerraCycle® via UPS.

As part of the Cheese Packaging Recycling Programme, we will be turning the recycled cheese packaging into plastic items for communities. In recent months, communities have shown the very best of Britain and we want to celebrate this by giving something back to communities.

What can I recycle?

As part of this programme, you can recycle ANY brand of flexible plastic cheese packaging and nets.  You can also recycle the labels from Cathedral City Minis packs of 6. More details on accepted packaging waste here.

What happens to the recycled packaging?

Once collected, your empty flexible plastic cheese packaging is separated by polymer type and cleaned (if necessary). The material is then extruded into plastic pellets to make new recycled products. These pellets are then transformed into new items such as picnic benches, plant pots or watering cans. Click here to learn more about the recycling process on the TerraCycle® website

I do not have a public drop-off location nearby, what do I do?

You have the opportunity to set one up in a convenient location and collect on behalf of your community as a public drop-off location administrator.

Simply follow the steps below:

1. Go to the TerraCycle® UK website:

2. Create a TerraCycle® account

3. Find a public place to host your collection (with the prior consent of the person in charge of the place)

4. Request to join the programme as a public drop-off location administrator by filling out the online form found in the ‘How it works’ section on the Cheese Packaging Recycling Programme page.

If this is not possible, we recommend you save up your flexible plastic cheese packaging until you travel to an area that does have a public drop-off location. Alternatively, you can collect at home at least 10 packs of flexible cheese packaging before printing a shipping label and sending your waste to us. Please download a free shipping label here.