What are we doing about it?


We have removed the ‘once open use within’ labelling from our cheese blocks packaging and replaced it with new storage information to help reduce waste.

We’re encouraging consumers to seal the packaging
properly to maintain freshness.

To avoid throwing away uneaten cheese, we are advising consumers that they can grate and freeze the cheese block before the date marked on pack, and ideally use within 3 months. Please see more details here

What can you do about it?


Plan ahead and buy only what you need

Going to the supermarket without a plan or on an empty stomach can lead to buying more than we need. To keep your kitchen on track, try to eat leftovers, think of meals you might eat out, and avoid unnecessary purchases by planning your shopping list ahead of time.

No one wants a dry or sweaty piece of mouldy cheese in their fridge. For freshness, make sure you’re storing our cheese refrigerated below 5°C, with the packaging properly sealed or keep in an airtight container.

Use your freezer

If you are buying a big block of our cheese to make the most of a store bargain, you can grate it and freeze to use later. This is good for cheese on toast, on top of baked beans or in an omelette. Please see more details about freezing our cheese here.

Dried cheese? Melt it in a cheese sauce!

You can melt it in a delicious cheese sauce for your broccoli or cauliflower recipes.


Recipes you can cook to ensure you use up all of your delicious cheddar

Before you shop, use the food you already have. Please see here some recipes you can cook with Cathedral City leftovers.

Donate any spare food to a local food drive

If all else fails and you know you have food that is nearing the end of its life, which you are unlikely to use, a quick Google search can bring up your local food bank (the Trussell Trust is a good place to start). 90% of foodbank food – used to provide emergency nutrition to people in crisis – is donated by the public, so every little really does help.

Talk it up

Preventing food waste is the most effective way to shrink its impact on the planet. Talk to your friends & family about it! Tell them what you’re doing! Help us raise awareness!